About Mapleton's

Mapleton's Organic is a family owned and operated farm. 

Located in picturesque Wellington County, Ontario the farm is approximately 45 minutes northwest of Kitchener-Waterloo and 40 minutes northwest of Guelph. 

Cows in sunny pasture at Mapleton's Organic

Visitors can drop by during regular business hours.

In addition to the herd of 70 dairy cows, the Mapleton's farm is home to many other animals.

A variety of other animals including alpacas, a miniature horse, a number of cats and kittens, and Garrett the donkey also call Mapleton's their home.

Feed for the dairy herd is grown on the farm and the resulting manure is composted and then used to fertilize the fields.  Additional crops such as spelt, soybeans, corn, and pumpkins are grown for human consumption.  

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