*Please check our Contact page for hours of operation and updates.

Visitors are welcome to visit the Demonstration Barn & Main Barn areas for free, but we do appreciate coin / cash contributions to our "Pay What You Can" box at the entrance of the Demonstration Barn.

Main Dairy Barn

Meet the cows and see our Voluntary Milking system in action!

You can read more about the Voluntary Milking system here.

* In previous years we have offered plastic shovels for children to use to push the feed.  These are not available at this time due to the pandemic.

Main Barn at Mapleton's

collage of 3 photos from Main Dairy Barn plus calves

Demonstration Barn and Barnyard

For the most recent updates visit our Facebook page here.

View of demo barn from main barn

assorted Demo Barn animals Jun 29 2021

Goat Pen (approx. May to October)

As of June 29th, the Goat Pen is closed - we hope to re-open it later this summer once more goat proofing is completed on the gate.

Visitors are welcome to go in and interact with the goats in their area!

Their pasture pen is located just down from the Demonstration Barn.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Young children should be held up in arms.

Be prepared for some nibbles and tugs at clothing, hair, camera straps etc.

When in the pen, and when you are leaving just be sure to latch the gate.... but if the goats escape just let the staff in the store know.  They can be real escape artists....

Pygmy goats 2019

Outdoor Play Areas

For young children there is a play set near the Demonstration Barn.

Unfortunately for the foreseeable future the Corn Bin will be closed.

Playground Equipment

*Please no visiting dogs (effective July 15, 2019)

Our farm is home to Bliss our Australian Shepherd and many different animals.   
We ask that you please keep your dog at home.

Adventure Area

(Fees Apply)

Our Adventure Area is located in a separate, paid area of the farm. In the Adventure Area you will find our

  • Cedar Maze
  • Tire Mountain, and
  • Adventure Path


$5 + tax per person

Children 2 and under are free.

Wrist bands must be purchased in the farm store. 

Cedar Hedge Maze

This two-acre maze is sure to thrill every member of your family as you all try to find your way to the pirate ship at the centre.  

Cedar Hedge Maze and Pirate Ship at Mapleton's

Tire Mountain

Climb up one side and slide down the other!

Adventure Path

The path starts just past Tire Mountain and winds it's way through various terrain with different styles along the way! 

Navigate rocks and sand, climb on boards and more...

There are some beautiful views of the fields from the 'back' sections of the path.

Various photos from Adventure Path

For hours of operation and directions visit our Contact page here.
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