Eat Up! & Other February Promotions

Mon, Jan 29th, 2018
Eat Up Your February with Taste Real!

In support of great local food, year around! We are participating in Taste Real's "Eat Up Your February" event!

Stop into the farm store and receive 10% off of all chicken between Feb 2nd and 18th!

Our chickens are raised on our organic farm.

We have a variety of cuts available including boneless breast, bone in breast, legs, thighs and of course, whole chickens. 

Think Beyond Steaks!

Don't forget about all the yummy parts an animal has to offer!

  • Organic beef liver, turkey liver and chicken liver
  • Chicken necks and backs
  • Soup chickens
  • Lamb heart and kidneys
  • Beef tongue
  • Beef heart

Mapleton's is one of the many businesses celebrating in Taste Real's "Eat up your February" event! To see a list of other events please visit here.

Valentine's Day Salt Dough Craft Workshop

Feb 10th between 1 PM and 3 PM

Pick up ice cream for your loved one on Feb. 10th and stay for a craft!

Participating in this workshop is free!

Stop in and decorate an ornament to take home with you!

The Dairy Barn is Open

Visit our Main Dairy Barn all year round. 

It features a compost pack and 2 voluntary milking systems.

At approximately noon everyday the cows are fed and gather at the edge of the pen to eat. A number of small plastic shovles are available and children are welcome to 'help' push the feed towards the cows. (We use a mechanical feeding cart to dispense the feed, please keep a safe distance from it while it is being operated.)

You can learn about our other activites that start up in mid May, here. 

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We offer a number of FREE, family friendly attractions at our farm...

Main Dairy Barn - Meet the cows and see our Voluntary Milking system in action.

Demonstration Barn - A variety of animals and feathered friends are ready to greet you including pigs, sheep and chickens.

Goat Pen - Visitors are welcome to enter the goat pen, located near the demo barn, and play with the goats!

 For more Attraction Info & Photos visit here...
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