Hoof Trimming

Wed, Jul 8th, 2020

On Tuesday July 7th it was Hoof Trimming Day, which takes place about once every 9 months.

This is not something we do ourselves. A hoof trimming specialist comes to the farm for the day to do the trimming.

They also bring specialized equipment including a chute the cow enters and stay in while the trimming is completed.

A series of gates and fencing is set up to organize the cows and lead them to the chute which really helps, but it is still a long day of working with the cows and getting them thru the trimming.

Having the cows hooves trimmed is mainly done as a preventative measure.

Long hooves lead to problems including breaks and cracks, and it can change the angle and way in which they walk which is hard on their joints.

For almost all of the cows the procedure is not painful.

For a few cows who have developed an ulcer or crack to be dealt with then there can be some pain, but it's important to deal with these so it doesn't worsen.

A cow approaching the chute...

Cow approaching chute...


Before photo of hoof.


After photo of hoof.

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