Introducing the New Owners

Fri, Feb 10th, 2023

In the Spring of 2022, Martin DeGroot made the difficult decision to sell Mapleton’s Organic Dairy after many years of hard work, good memories and delicious ice cream.  We, as the new owners, Korb Whale and Kelly Forster, are very grateful to Martin and his family for passing on a legacy of innovation, forward-thinking, wholesome values, and community involvement.

It is our intention to continue what the DeGroot’s started. We intend to preserve the beloved aspects of Mapleton’s, such as providing a fun and transparent agricultural space for the public to see and learn about; continuing with organic farming principles; and continuing to make ice cream right on the dairy farm. We also recognize the promise and opportunities that there are, with some new energy and ideas on the farm. As Martin, Ineke and Arwa DeGroot have always done, we will be seeking new opportunities to further the effort toward farming sustainability & efficiency, as well as educational opportunities for the public, and of course, providing high-quality milk and ice cream that we can be proud of.

We would like to share with you our mission, vision and values that we established upon embarking on this new adventure in 2022.

Mission Statement:

Producing high-quality organic dairy for the community to experience and enjoy. 


Vision Statement:

We want to be Recognized across Canada for the Quality of our Food and the Great Experience at our Farm.


1.       Animal comfort, wellness, and safety, is top priority. 

2.       We celebrate food. 

3.       We strive to create the best possible products, while adhering to Organic farming practices. 

4.       We strive to improve the quality of our land, air and water.

5.       We provide openness and transparency regarding our farming practices. 

6.       We educate youth about how food is produced. 

7.       We educate the community regarding sustainable farming practices. 

8.       We endeavor to never criticize food or food practices that are different from our own. 

9.       We provide a safe and fun environment to learn about food production and animal care. 

10.     We endeavor to have a profitable business while contributing to a healthy Community.

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