Life on the Farm Nov & Dec 2017

Thu, Nov 9th, 2017

Here is some information & updates from November & December 2017.

Giving a Helping Hand

Calves are born on the farm all year round.

Typically, a cow is able to calf without any assistance from the farmer.

However, sometimes the mother requires a helping hand, which we are happy to give. 

This act is called "pulling a calf".

Only a few moments later, we had a healthy bull calf.

Corn Harvest

November continued to be a busy time in our corn fields.

On the 7th the last of the corn crop was harvested.  

To read more visit our Corn Blog here.

Combine in corn field

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Benefits of the Compost Pack

At Mapleton's we use a Compost Pack in our Main Dairy Barn.

To read more about this system and the benefits it offers our cows please visit here...

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