Making Ice Cream - Getting Started with Separation

Sat, May 30th, 2015

From our farm located in Wellington County we produce our creamy and delicious Mapleton's organic ice cream.

May is generally the busiest month of the year as we gear up for the summer. June through November are also very busy and then we get a bit of a breather during December to April.

Mapleton's Organic Ginger Ice CreamAlthough we have a variety of specialized equipment to make our ice cream, Mapleton's also employ 3 full-time staff all year, with usually 1-2 additional part-time staff during the busier months.

All of our ice cream is made with milk from our herd of 70 dairy cows and is stored in a refrigerated holding tank in our main barn.

To get a batch of ice cream started, milk is pumped from the barns' holding tank to the ice cream plant.

The milk enters a separator which spins very fast to separate the cream from the milk. The cream or fat is lighter so it moves to the outside while the skim milk does not, and flows out of the separator into a another tank.

Now we have the "cream" part of ice cream!

Don't worry! The skim milk removed in the separator is not wasted.

Some of the skim milk removed goes through a secondary process where it has 50% of its water content removed and becomes condensed skim milk. This condensed skim milk is then added back into the ice cream mix to avoid using powdered milk.

The remaining skim milk is used for our organic fat free and frozen yogurts.

This is the second blog post in our "Making Ice Cream" series. 

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