Mapleton's And Qoola

Thu, May 8th, 2014

It began in 2013...

Mapleton's introduced a new product to its customers in 2013: Soft-serve frozen yogurt. 

This greek-style, meaning low-fat and high protein, frozen yogurt has been a hit in our farm store and Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar in London.

Like the other delicious and nutritious yogurt products Mapleton's produces, it is guaranteed gluten free and nut free, and contains five live bacterial cultures.

New partnership with Qoola

Mapleton's Organic soft serve frozen yogurt will now be available at Qoola locations across British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario!  

Qoola, whose four core pillars of integrity, environment, health, and community ring especially true with Mapleton's, is a frozen yogurt shop where patrons fill their cups with the creamy goodness and can customize their selection with over 30 toppings to choose from.

Fresh is the key!

Qoola only carries fresh frozen yogurt (never powdered or heat-treated) giving their customers reassurance that they are enjoying the best possible product. 

Supporting other Canadian companies and using 100% recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable packaging in all of their stores are other ways that Qoola is reaching beyond sweet treats to make a difference.

Mapleton's is proud to be partnering with Qoola and looking forward to reaching more excited and satisfied customers this way.

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We offer a number of FREE, family friendly attractions at our farm...

Main Dairy Barn - Open all year during Farm Store hours!

Meet the cows and see our Voluntary Milking system in action.

The following attractions are now closed for the Winter.... Will re-open mid May 2019!

Demonstration Barn - A variety of animals and feathered friends are ready to greet you including pigs, sheep and chickens.

Goat Pen - Visitors are welcome to enter the goat pen, located near the demo barn, and play with the goats!

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