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Thu, Nov 12th, 2015

Martin checking the pigs.On our farm we raise a variety of animals including pigs.

Our pigs are born right on our farm and are raised using organic practices.

They have access to pasture where they enjoy digging and consuming various grasses, weeds, grubs and insects. In addition they receive corn and grain daily to augment their diet. All of the corn and grain is grown right on our farm. Occasionally we feed the pigs extruded soybean meal which provides them with a protein boost.

We focus on preventative measures to keep our pigs healthy.  The pigs do not receive hormones or antibiotics.  (If a pig did become sick we would ensure they receive treatment. If antibiotics become necessary, the treated pig is no longer certified organic, and is sold. But it's been many years since we have had to do this.)

We are very lucky to have local butchering facilities, so that this process takes place within a 20 minute drive of the farm.

Pork Buying Options


By The Cut

In our farm store we offer a variety of pork cuts such as bacon, sausages, roasts, chops, ground pork, ribs, ham, shoulders and tenderloins.

All cuts are sold frozen and are vacuum packed.


Prices vary depending on weight and type of cut and range from $5 to $15 per pound. A package of 4 sausages is usually about $9-$10 and a package of bacon $10 to $20. Larger items such as roasts are more expensive due to their weight. Cuts such as tenderloins are more expensive due to the higher price per pound.


Generally all year we have cuts available, although more popular items such as bacon sell out quickly.  You are always welcome to check availability by emailing or calling us before driving to the farm.

Email farmstore@mapletonsorganic.ca

Phone 519-638-1115

Pork Sampler Package

Our 20 pound pork sampler package is a great way to enjoy various cuts of pork at a reduced rate versus buying individual cuts.

The final variety and weight of cuts may vary slightly but will generally include

  • 3 lb of loin chops or roast(s)
  • 1 lb bacon
  • 4 lbs ground pork
  • 3 lbs sausage (regular and/or garlic flavor)
  • 2 lbs ribs
  • 3 lbs ham
  • 3 lbs shoulder
  • 1 lb tenderloin

Please note that we do not allow for substitutions with the sampler package.

All cuts are frozen and will be wrapped in either butcher paper or be vacuum packed, then packed in a box.


Pork Sampler Packages are $150.

To reserve a sampler package they must be pre-paid. Cash, debit or credit cards are accepted.

Orders must be picked up within 30 days of being available.


We are currently accepting orders during November 2015. Depending on demand we may have some packages available in December but it is best to reserve ahead of time.

Pork Side

A pork side varies in weight but is approximately 100 pounds at dressed weight. (Dressed weight includes approximately 75% real meat plus bones and organs.)

All cuts are frozen and will be wrapped in either butcher paper or vacuum packed, then packed in boxes.

Before you decide to try a side of pork we recommend monitoring how much meat you currently consume.  Certainly buying a side is more economical then buying individual cuts but we also don't want to see meat wasted.

Also check that you have enough freezer space available. It is hard to predict the actual cubic feet needed but plan that your side will take up at least 5 cubic feet. You may also want to plan for overflow space – perhaps keeping your fridge freezer available and/or borrowing some freezer space from a friend or family member.

Please note that if you arrange to purchase a side with a friends, families or neighbours we can only deal with one contact per side.


Final cost depends on the dressed weight at time of butcher and could range from 100 to 150 pounds. The price per pound is $5 so you can expect to pay between $500 and $750 for a pork side.

To reserve a pork side a deposit of $250 is required. The balance of payment will be due at time of pick up. Cash, debit or credit cards are accepted.

Ordering Notes

Once we receive your order and deposit we will provide you with the contact information for our butcher. You will speak with the butcher shop directly to finalize what cuts you will receive from your side. If you do not provide this information by the deadline specified, the butcher will still need to proceed but will do so using their own discretion on what cuts to do.

** Even if you do not provide direction on what cuts you want, you are still responsible for purchasing the side of pork.

You may want to look at the above Pork Sampler Pack as an idea of the cuts available and how much you might want of each cut. Also remember to think ahead for several months as you may want different cuts for different seasons.


We are currently accepting orders during November 2015.

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