Summer Puppies

Thu, Jun 27th, 2019

Surprise! We have a new litter of puppies at the farm!

Bliss, our farm dog, gave birth to 7 puppies on Sunday June 2nd, and all are doing well

As of June 29th, visitors to the farm have the opportunity to visit the puppies in the Demonstration Barn.

Here are some puppy photos to oooh and awww over...

July 1st

Collage of Bliss' puppies July 1st

June 16th

Here are 4 of the puppies having a nap with their full bellies.

Puppies napping on about June 16

Here are the puppies on June 8th...

The puppies in a pile on June 8th  The puppies laying out on a blanket June 8th

Not long after being born...

Puppies nursing shortly after birth

Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds are intelligent and extremely playful. They require an active household with a large area to play.

Bliss is full of life and very loyal. She roams the farm and interacts with customers. 

Note: These puppies are not purebred


We will be rehoming these puppies in August / September.

If you are interested in a puppy, please go here and fill out an application of interest.

An adoption fee will apply.   

Serious inquiries only! 

Note: Request for puppies must be made via the online form only.  If you are having problems accessing the form let us know at  .

Facebook comments will not be considered formal requests for a puppy. 

 Email this Page

We offer a number of FREE, family friendly attractions at our farm...

Main Dairy Barn - Open all year during Farm Store hours!

Meet the cows and see our Voluntary Milking system in action.

Demonstration Barn - Open May to October

A variety of animals and feathered friends are ready to greet you including pigs, sheep and chickens.

 For more Attraction Info & Photos visit here...
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