Tamworth Pork

Thu, Dec 7th, 2017

Now Offering-
Flavourful Tamworth Pork at our Farm Store!

This past year, we raised Tamworth pigs.

Our pigs are raised on the farm using organic practices. 

They had access to pasture where they enjoy digging and consuming various grasses, weeds, grubs and insects. In addition, they received corn and grain daily to supplement their diet. All the corn and grain was grown right on the farm. Occasionally, they received extruded soybean meal which provided them with a protein boost. 


The Tamworth is a heritage breed that is said to be the oldest, pure English Forest Pig. This breed originated in Tamworth, United Kingdom and arrived in Canada in 1877. 

The Tamworth pig has the longest snout of the present day domestic and is recognized by it's distinctly golden red coat. 


Tamworth meat is robust, full of flavour and is the leanest heritage pork. This pork is excellent smoked, which is why the Tamworth is referred to as a bacon pig. 

The meat is complimented by light fruit sauces. 

We have a variety of pork that will be available in the farm store in the middle of December. 

  • Sausage (plain, garlic, honey garlic, smoked)
  • Bacon
  • Ground Pork
  • Pork Chop
  • Black Forest Ham

Additional Tamworth pork will be available early February. 

If you are interested in specific cuts, or have questions about other meats we sell,  please contact us at 519-683-1115 or email farmstore@mapletonsorganic.ca.

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