The Pumpkins are Growing! 2016

Sun, Jul 10th, 2016

Our pumpkin patch is well on its way!

Every spring we plant a pumpkin patch and watch the plants produce healthy fruit! In the fall, we take our school tours out to the pumpkin patch. When the pumpkins are ready to be harvested, the children get a chance to bring them home. 

Follow this blog for updates on the plants!

September 28

The plants are starting to die off but  still have lots of pumpkins on them! Come to the store or pick your own! 

Visitors are welcome to visit on the week and weekends. Tractor wagon rides to the pumpkin patch are available Saturdays in October from 11am-4pm. If wagon rides are not available, you are still welcome to walk to the pumpkin patch. A wagon for your pumpkins are recommeneded or you can choose from the stock already picked at the store front.

September 16

For Sale

You can now buy pumpkins from us at the farm! A variety of sizes are available to choose from. 

August 26


The pumkins are super early this year. We have several the size of this one above!

Here are some of the pie pumpkins!

August 12

We're seeing orange!

Can you believe it is already August?! Our pumpkins are getting their first colours! 

July 28

Look! Pumpkins!

We have pumpkins growing that are about the size of a football. We couldn't be more excited about how well the patch is coming along.

The patch is blooming and looking full! We are hoping for the best this fall!

July 12

The plants are starting to reach out!

And some even have buds.

July 2nd

Fun Fact: Did you know, scientifically speaking, pumpkins are fruit because they have seeds inside. However, when cooking, they are often referred to as vegetables. 

Did you know...

Mapleton's has a seasonal ice cream pumpkin flavor? It tastes just like pumpkin pie!

Our first batch of pumpkin ice ceam is ready!

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