Yogurt In A Face Mask?

Mapleton's Yogurt and LUSH

Thu, May 8th, 2014

Natural Yogurt - Mapleton's OrganicIt was a beautiful, summer day at Mapleton's and the farm was bubbling with a special kind of energy. 

We had visitors from LUSH Cosmetics on the farm, asking questions and taking pictures.

What were they interested in, you might wonder?

Well they came to hear about Mapleton's fresh yogurt, a new ingredient for their 'Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask.'

This mask by LUSH is specifically aimed at skin rejuvenation for dry or mature skin.

Joining other ingredients like shea butter, papaya, green tea, and even eggs, Mapleton's yogurt helps to moisturize and brighten skin.

This is an exciting new use of Mapleton's fresh yogurt that we hadn't thought of!

Visit the LUSH website for more information.

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