Raspberry SOFT SERVE Frozen Yogurt

Remember when frozen yogurt actually tasted like yogurt that had been frozen? I grew up in Fergus, Ontario (in the '80s) and I remember going to the Fergus Farmer's Market every weekend. They had a booth where you could pick out your fruit. The soft serve operator (.... my teenage brother at the time) would add a bar of actual frozen yogurt, your fruit of choice and blend it up to produce the most amazing soft serve frozen yogurt..... Well, it was the most amazing until now! We are offering Organic Soft Serve Raspberry Frozen Yogurt at our store only. Come give it a try. You may or may not have the nostalgic experience that I did, but if you love yogurt, then you'll be sure to love this new frozen yogurt at Mapleton's! 

Organic Raspberry Puree, Organic skim milk, Organic sugar, Organic eggs, culture
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