Mapletons Dairy Products

All of Mapleton's products are based on two principles: honesty and freshness. We are certified organic by ECOCERT Canada.


blueberry yogurt

We want our customers to know what they're eating – we are honest about what ingredients go in so customers can be secure in what they're putting in their bodies and feeding to their families.

It's simple, uncomplicated, goodness. And we think the taste reflects that!


We use only the freshest ingredients in our products, and the difference in taste is noticeable.    fresh vanilla

We craft all of our ice cream and fresh yogurt in an organic dairy on the farm from milk and cream from our 70 milking cows.

Our cows are raised with care so they can provide the fresh organic milk and cream that makes our ice cream so special.

We've determined that from our cows eating grass in the field to their milk being used for our different products, the total time is usually less than 24 hours. That's field to product in less than a day!

Where to Buy

Visit our searchable Where to Buy page here.

Ice Cream - Available across Canada in selected retailers.

Fresh yogurt - Available across Ontario in selected retailers.

Frozen Yogurt - Available across Canada in selected retailers.

Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt - Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar (London, Ontario), Qoola locations

Ice Cream Sandwiches - Available across Canada in selected retailers.

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