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(Certified organic by ECOCERT Canada)

Our farm embodies what organic means to us. At Mapleton's, it is a lifestyle we choose, not just a philosophy we tout. We are interested in producing food, not commodities, in ways that prepare the farm and the community for the future – for our grandchildren and generations beyond.

Though everyone has their own philosophies about what organic agriculture is, one of the key principles of our organic farm is remembering that everything is inter-connected: that is to say, we are what we eat.

We recognize our farm as an ecosystem and work to maintain balance in all aspects of our operation and keep everyone (animals, humans, and plants) working together in harmony.

Believe it or not, our organic ice cream, frozen yogurt, and fresh yogurt all start with healthy soil. Healthy soil grows healthy crops; healthy crops feed healthy animals; and healthy animals feed healthy people.

We strive for ecological diversity on the farm – encouraging wildlife to make their home on our property (including the great horned owl that found its way into our chicken coop one summer,) helping our thriving beehives to pollinate our crops, and thinking about natural wind barriers and plant rotations.

For us, this inter-connected style of organic agriculture has served as a bridge to our customers – we are not only farmers, but also community-builders and food producers.

Why we choose organic at Mapleton's

Personal Health

The health benefits of eating organic are considerable and we believe this is the best way to feed our family.

Customer Confidence

We want to create an environment and community where our customers know, trust, and are excited about their food. Everyone is invited to visit the farm to meet all of those individuals (human and animals) who produce Mapleton's products.

We want to ensure our customers feel confident and secure about our product quality, so they can rest-assured that they are feeding only the best to their families.

The Environment

We are striving to contribute to a world that is healthier for our grandchildren (and beyond) and believe that organic agriculture is the best way to ensure a prosperous agricultural future.

A variety of organic farming practices such a crop rotation, proper composting and spreading of manure as well as mechanical cultivation are used.

Instead of dangerous insecticides and pesticides we also use patience - and have learned to live with some weeds.

The goal is to focus on the health of the soil so that we can keep producing food on this land forever.

Energy Sustainability

We have drastically reduced the amount of energy needed to produce food. We rely almost solely on composted manure as fertilizer eliminating the need for externally produced and transported fertilizers such as nitrogen.

The composting floor in our barn reduces greenhouse gas emissions (and smell), retains nutrients and provides heat for the cows.

Our Compost Pack

The wastewater from our dairy is used to heat our farm store and office. We have also installing solar panels on our main barn roof. This installation will produce more energy than the farm uses making Mapleton's not just energy neutral, but an energy producer.

Continuing to reduce our waste while always reusing and reconsidering before getting rid of anything is important at Mapleton's.

Our Solar System

Power and Independence

While we encourage community connection, we are actively working to be independent decision-makers and control our own destiny. We limit our dependence on large-scale agricultural corporations for our inputs.

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